Monday, July 28, 2008

Ear Cuffs In Etsy Shop Now

Today I have gotten a chance to put a few ear cuffs in my etsy shop. I am going to add some more after I post this blog. I like how the cuffs turned out alot. I worked on them some time ago but never got photos of them due to my batteries for my camera keep disappearing to my sons Xbox wireless controler. I actually made him be my model of my ear cuffs only not the ones for sale. I actually found that I thought it was strange to have the ones I sell modeled or be worn since ears can be so sensitive. Let me know your opnions on this of course please. So finially got pictures taken and am posting what I can today. Im not sure if I will get to post my Beadweaving challenge project for August tonight I may wait til tomorrow to do that and post about it as well. So keep checking back often. Thanks everyone.

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