Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Make sure to vote for the ETSY BEADWEAVER AUGUST CHALLENGE. Theme "Art Deco". Please go today and vote now. Thank you all for your support of artist and myself.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Featured in a Treasury West. Thank you to Enchanted Beads for featuring me in her Treasury please check it out and comment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Finished

Well this one is finished just in time. Tomorrow I start my new job so my vacation is over. I just finished this one. It is called Lunar Eclipse. I actually saw that a partial lunar eclipse is happening on August 16th, 2008. Unfortunately its not for the whole world and the US will not see it. =( Although when I did see it I was inspired. And this great freeform bracelet was created. I hope you like it. It is listed on my Etsy Store. You can see all the details there.
euphoriamoondesigns.etsy.com As always thank you for supporting Artists.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pink Baller

Help a Charity of your choice. Join me in a mission to make the world a better place.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Creation in the Works.

Well I finished my EBWC creation so on to the next. I have a name for this one already. Just thought I would show my newest started project. Keep watching for the finial project. Anyone know how to make metallic beads photo better. They just always look so black in my photos I have tried different settings on my camera but this is the best I can get. Anyway keep checking back for the end result.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Etsy Beadweavers August Challenge "Art Deco" Finished

Ok so I did get a chance to finish my piece for the Etsy Challenge for August. The Theme is "Art Deco". I was very inspired by many things about the art Deco theme. I did some research and found that cool colors were the color scheme's for that time period. Green was very popular. I chose to go with blue for the other color due to me reading that Ocean Liners were among things that were very Art Deco as well and I thought Blue when I heard that. I read that they had jumbled shapes which I have done with glass beads along with my bead wrapped Bloodstone on the wrist of the bracelet. The boldness of curves and stepping also inspired me as well. And sunburst were typical of this time which I have created for the closer of the piece.This is my own take on "Art Deco" and hope you all appreciate that.I really am more than happy with the end result it took me a few weeks to finish and get it just right. I love the end result.

Also I loved the way the Bloodstone turned out and was wrapped in the piece. I cant get over how perfect it turned out. If you know me you know I love stones and to incorporate them in every piece I have if I am able. I hope you all enjoy checking this piece out as I enjoyed creating it. I guess I should mention this is a freeform bracelet. I guess I am so excited about it all I forgot to mention that in the listing also yikes.

MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR MY PIECE OR SOMEONE ELSES......AUGUST 9th VOTING STARTSI am a proud member of the Etsy Beadweavers Street Team. Each month we have a beadweaving challenge. This month's theme is "Art Deco". You can visit the team blog at http://etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com/ to see all of the entries in the challenge and vote for your favorite.Voting begins August 9!

Ear Cuffs In Etsy Shop Now

Today I have gotten a chance to put a few ear cuffs in my etsy shop. I am going to add some more after I post this blog. I like how the cuffs turned out alot. I worked on them some time ago but never got photos of them due to my batteries for my camera keep disappearing to my sons Xbox wireless controler. I actually made him be my model of my ear cuffs only not the ones for sale. I actually found that I thought it was strange to have the ones I sell modeled or be worn since ears can be so sensitive. Let me know your opnions on this of course please. So finially got pictures taken and am posting what I can today. Im not sure if I will get to post my Beadweaving challenge project for August tonight I may wait til tomorrow to do that and post about it as well. So keep checking back often. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working Hard

Sorry I have neglected my blogspot lately. I felt that no one was looking at it. I had alot going on in my personal life so I kinda forgot about it for awhile. Things have changed a bit recently and Im back in action. Keep watching. Tomorrow I will be posting 2 new blogs. One will be about my piece for the Etsy Beadweavers Challenge for August the theme is ~Art Deco~. Super excited how this piece turned out. I just hope others see my vision and agree its art deco. I did some research on it but took bits and pieces from what I learned and made my own updated piece of art. The other is something I just started today. But have a vision for it and a name actually.

Im still trying to come up with a name for the Art Deco piece. Hmmmm. Anyways dont forget to check out my etsy shop for added new items after Monday July 28th, 2008. I will be adding some things tomorrow. Oh I forgot I will be blogging about my ear cuffs as well. So make sure to check thoughs out as well. Here is a sneak peak on thoughs for you all.

Make sure to check out the Etsy Beadweavers as well. They are hard at work with many items and a few are up for the August Challenge ~Art Deco~ as well. Check them out.


dont forget my etsy shop


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Bracelet Just Finished

So this week Im on vacation from work. Its been a very nice breather. I chose not to go anywhere this time. So I have been at home creating a bracelet. I wanted one for myself for a long time now and have always made something and put it up for sale right away. This time I put sentimental items in it so I wouldnt do it. I have a moonstone rock that I bead wrapped, a moonstone heart bead (keep in mind moonstone is my #1 stone, this is the stone that I connect with and love dearly), I also added a penny with a heart cut out in it and chose to use that as the closer on it.
I also used special beads I had gotten from an old boss of mine from a vintage store. She came across some vintage beads in these great glass tubes with a cork top. I never had enough of one color to do anything with so this was the perfect project to use them. The pink shades the bright and duller pinks are the vintage beads. The rest are just a variety of beads I had. My favorite color is purple so thats how this started along with silver and added some pink. I think it turned out just amazing. Its my favorite piece yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Pictures below take a peek.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Necklace Now Finished

Ok so this is the finished Necklace. Hope you all enjoy. It will be posted on my etsy shop so make sure you check it out. Thanks for your support of artists.

When Lava Meets Beads.......


Well I Updated my blogspot today. I hope you all like the changes. Finially took the time to look around and figure out how to individualize the page.
I am going to be working and finishing (cross my fingers) the piece I have been working on that I have the sneak preview up of. So make sure to keep checking back later today to see the finial product.
Have a fabulous day!!!!! Its beautiful outside in Wisconsin today YAY!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sneak Peak of the newest piece of jewelry

This is a sneak peak at my newest creation I am so proud of so far. It has taken me between life and work since last November I started it and the idea. I cant wait to finish it and do the pendant. It will have the lava chunk that you see as the center piece to the whole necklace. It was a great find at a great little bead store I know of. I hope you all like what you see so far. And keep an eye out for the finished product which is soon to come. It will be posted on my etsy site so make sure you take a look. The link is on the right side scroll down. ~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Items

Well spring is almost here. I have been inspired to create again. I have updated my etsy.com site and am a bit more organized. I have some great ideas and they are coming along. Im really excited for the winter to be over.
I do have some new wire wraps listed and my site is back up and running. So make sure you check it out.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.